The “Purple Orchids” is one of the youth groups within the San Francisco Guzheng Music Society. Four girls, Janice Shiu, Michelle Wong, Nikki Zhang, and Angela Mak, whose ages range from 10 to 14, make up the ensemble. The girls all joined the San Francisco Guzheng Music Society after having been mesmerized by the spectacular performances of the Six Golden Flowers, a renowned youth ensemble in the Society under the tutelage of Weishan Liu. Behind every accomplished performer is a preeminent teacher, and after studying for two years with Teacher Liu, the girls’ technical skills improved tremendously. With virtually little or no knowledge of the guzheng to start with, the girls learned and practiced the many different techniques of this beautiful instrument. And now, they are ready to perform. Teacher Weishan Liu has given them a beautiful name - The Purple Orchids -- in the hope that they will be performing guzheng music much like purple orchids: exquisite, vivid, and vibrant.

Teacher Weishan Liu has not only taught the girls how to play the guzheng; she has also shown them how to be great persons. The girls have gained great confidence in their music studies as well as in their daily lives since taking guzheng lessons with Teacher Liu. All the while, their parents give strong support to the girls, and are happy to see their daughters’ delightful changes. Since March of 2008, the Purple Orchids have participated in San Francisco Guzheng Music Society’s annual concerts, and have been invited to perform at the Salvation Army Youth Council, Chinese American Citizens Alliance, senior centers, community centers and street fairs. They have received positive feedbacks from the audiences, and are invited to many more performances in the coming months. Let us wish them continued success in performing beautiful guzheng music that is as pretty as their name – The Purple Orchids!